Gregg Museum Staff

Roger Manley
919.515.6162 | Email Roger Manley

Associate Director and Registrar
Mary Hauser
919.515.3102 | Email Mary Hauser

Associate Registrar

Collections Assistant
Christopher Garrison
919.515.1368 | Email Christopher Garrison

Art Preparator
Matthew Gay
919.515.5337 | Email Matt Gay

Curator of Education
Zoe Starling
919.513.7244 | Email Zoe Starling

Educational Programs and Communications Coordinator
Christina Wytko Marchington
919.515.2768 | Email Christina Wytko Marchington

Museum Operations Coordinator
Dana DiMaio
919.515.7902 | Email Dana DiMaio

Visitor Services and Security Coordinator
Jeannifer Sandoval
919.515.3503 | Email Jeannifer Sandoval