Activities, Crafts, and More

Here are some exhibition-inspired activities and crafts, from coloring pages to jewelry making.

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Inspired by Across the Threshold of India

Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of the arts and knowledge, surrounds and permeates the mysteries of spice, taste, and art in Indian culture. One practice in honoring her spiritual foundation is to sanctify the space between physical and spiritual existence by the creation of evanescent drawings, which are typically made of rice flour carefully sprinkled on the ground in transitional spaces to create intricate patterns. Martha Strawn, visual ecologist and photographer, has documented  the practice of making these “threshold drawings” (kolam or rangoli), and presents them at NC State’s Gregg Museum of Art & Design in Across the Threshold of India—Photographs by Martha Strawn. 

Folding Fan, 1920
East Asian
Anonymous Gift

Shriners Fez or Tarboosh, 1945-1959
Zembo Shrine, Harrisburg, PA
Saco Uniforms, Philadelphia, PA
Gift of Kim B. & Roselyn G. Batcheller 2013.001.039

Beaded Sash, ca. 1930
Yoruba maker, Nigeria or Bénin
Gift of the Friends of the Gallery 2002.002.014


Making paper jewelry

Jewelry Activity – Inspired by the exhibition All Is Possible: Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy In Metal

Follow these simple instructions, and create unique jewelry pieces using nothing more than cut and folded paper, scissors, glue and string. Buttons, beads, jewels, pom pons and other embellishments can also be used.

Activity Sheets

Inspired by our exhibitions, these activities engage young and old to experience art in new ways, and fire the imagination!

  • Storytime – Stretch your creativity muscles in a writing activity where you can create your own stories about an exhibit!
  • The Senses – A timed game inspired by the idea that it may only take 27 seconds to learn about a work of art. See what you can discover!
  • All That Glitters Word Puzzle – See how many words you can find that relate to the All That Glitters exhibition.

Some activities do require a few simple supplies, others are self-contained. Enjoy, and be sure to tag the museum on any posts of the resulting creations!
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